The Living Trees Hemp Oil

living trees hemp oil

At Instant Karma, we are proud to carry the highest quality and most bioavailable hemp extract oil, including The Living Trees Hemp Spagyric Oil.

We have very high standards when it comes to our products. If you know that E=mc^2 and everything is energy, then you won’t be surprised to hear that at The Living Trees, everything is grown, harvested, extracted, bottled, and shipped with intention. Yes that is right, we are those people. That tribe. The ones that are giving gratitude to the plants from seed to bottle. The ones that refuse to extract or create products unless we are in what they call a “Good Vibe.”

The ones that ship things to your home with one thing in mind…your optimal health. Everything is energy and our promise to you is that we would rather stop production all together unless we have the high quality ingredients, materials, and people for each stage of the process to bring you the best Spagyric products possible.

  • Wildcrafted Herbs

  • Organic

  • Supporting Small farmers in the U.S

  • Recycled packaging materials

  • Support Community Outreach Programs