Juno is the ancient Roman Goddess of women and children. She, as Juno Luna, blesses women with the gift of menstruation. Juno is also the wife of Jupiter and the Goddess of marriage. The month of June was named after her and for this reason it was the most popular month to marry.

Midsummer was also the time ancient Romans celebrated Vesta, goddess of the hearth. Women hoping to receive blessing for their homes would take salted meals to her temple for eight days, this in combination with the celebrations of Juno added to June’s popularity for weddings. Even today, June remains the most popular month to marry.

Ancient Pagans used this time between the planting and harvesting of crops for wedding as well. It was thought to be unlucky to compete with the God and Goddess’s “grand union” which occurred during May’s Beltane, so many couples put off marrying until June. To encourage love and fertility newly-wed couples were fed dishes and drinks made with honey for the first month of their marriage.