Kolors of Karma

Cam Payne is one of our tie-dye artists who creates one of a kind, Grateful Dead inspired apparel. We offer his products at both of our shops. We can also take custom-made-to-order designs.

From Cam: “I am a self taught Dyer.  I have been dyeing since I was 13. I started put using napkins and paper towels and markers. Folding the napkins and using the markers for color. I went to my first GD show when I was 17 and my love affair started. I have also developed my own spin on the “shibori” technique by creating toggles on the threads I use to stitch to spread tension around the points of penetration. I am trying to change the public view of tie dye as a hobby, but an actual art form.” Thank you Kolors of Karma Cam Payne!