Sprouted Scribbles Stickers

Our stickers by Travis Clement, Sprouted Scribbles, are a crowd favorite. His stickers are whimsical and fun and perfect for both visitors and locals to Asheville, NC.

“…started with one coloring book in 2010, the Chicago Coloring Book. Since then, I’ve used my skills to create new illustrations and designs for: stickers, postcards, new coloring books, and other products coming soon. Most products feature the cities of Chicago and Asheville, both are places where I’ve lived for a considerable amount of time.

My love of drawing has transitioned into a career as a commercial artist for Trader Joe’s, where I learned the importance of making art which reflects the community. In fact, the coloring book began as monthly coloring page for one of the stores and then transitioned into the first product (which I made completely outside of the company). The most growth has happened in the past two years (since late 2015) when I started seeking out retailers to carry products by going into the stores firsthand. Many retailers have encouraged creating new products, and that has been a driving force of the direction.

I look forward to seeing where this goes, while still borrowing knowledge from the great company I started with.” – Travis Clement