The Secret Of Abundance and Changing Your Life

It is a safe bet that most of the people living in the world are bending over backwards to find the key in changing their lives. They want to find that magic word, or missing secret clue that will allow them to have abundance in their life.

Many of these people spend large amounts of money and years in seeking after this goal without ever finding it. However, in the here and now you will receive this secret. The thought that has driven to find the answer will now be revealed to you.

You need to understand, however that an abundant life is not one filled with money. There are three areas of life that means living an abundant lifestyle. These are money, health and relationships. Some individuals may argue this point, they may even say that to live an abundant life you only need more money. However, they are fatally mistaken.

Think of it this way, if you were filthy rich and never needed a dime but had a terminal disease or you were bound to your bed the money that you have would not do you much good.

Along with this, you must understand the secret of abundance so that you are not only healthy, but have good relationships and enough money to fit your life style. So you have to have all of the three components to truly be abundant in life. You need health, wealth and love.

After you accept this fact, the next step lies in knowing the secrets which will unlock that abundance into real forms such as good health, meaningful and strong relationships and enough finances to live your life to the fullest.

Here it is the secret of abundance is your thoughts and emotions. Simple isn’t it? Those two elements are the shapers of your life. They have the power to make the life you want or keep the one you already have.

Some people may shake their heads in disagreement, while telling you this is not true. If it were your thoughts and emotions that determine the secret of abundance, then everyone would be living a life of abundance. This is correct. However, if everyone has such power to create an abundant life, then why is it not happening for everyone, everywhere?

The list of reasons can be very long. However, they all center on one fundamental issue. Most people would rather live as they are and complain about it all rather than trying to live an abundant life. For instance, Donald Trump never felt sorry for himself. Bill Gates never doubted he would be a millionaire.

The answer is no. No they didn’t, haven’t and won’t. They have had the mindset from the beginning that they would be successful, that they would be the masters of their own lives that they would live a life of abundance.

The fact being that the solution is simple does not make it untrustworthy. If you look at the things around you, I am sure you will notice that all have them have been brought into being by thought.

For instance, your computer, your pen, the car you drive, your phone – everything you can see all began as a thought.

What should this all mean to you? It means at this very moment you can create the life you have been dreaming of. The first thing is to decide what it is you really want. You must be specific and perhaps should be written down. Once you have figured that out you should look at what you already have and been honestly grateful for it.

If you cannot appreciate what you have you will never appreciate things to come.

Pay your attention towards the things you want to create in your life. Allow it to become a burning fire in your heart and soul. Feel the elated sensations and emotional temptations which can give you more strength to think further. Your thoughts are signals or waves that you are sending to the universe. Coupled with your emotions these waves can become tsunamis and attract those very things from the universe to manifest in reality.

It is beliefe that you will give you everything. So go along with the flow and do what you need to do but above all believe and it really will materialize.

That hidden secret or magic word for creating an abundant life lies within your head. It is your thoughts and your emotions. If you change the way you think you can change the way you live your life.