Celebrate Mabon

The autumn equinox also known as Mabon is celebrated by many Wiccans and Pagans, though it is considered a lesser sabbat. Mabon is a time when the day and the night are equally divided. It is a time to honor the second harvest and the Green Man. For Wiccans it is also a time to honor the aging Goddess as makes her way from Mother Crone. Ancient Pagans celebrated the birth of Mabon the “Great Son” of the earth Goddess Mordon. Legends state that when Mabon was three days old he was stolen from his mother. By working together the Owl, Eagle, Blackbird, Stag and Salmon were able to rescue the child. He was then sent to reside in the magical world of Modron’s womb where he lives happily gathering strength and wisdom. It is only through this process that he can be reborn. Celebrations of Mabon are lavish affairs were it is customary to wear your finest clothes and dine on the exquisite bounty of the second harvest. This is also the perfect time to cast spells for harmony and balance, security, protection and self-confidence.