5 Father’s Day Gifts for the Modern Man Cave

Father’s Day presents a perfect opportunity for a man cave makeover. Dad’s getaway, whether a room or just a cozy nook to himself, is the perfect retreat for letting his masculine flag fly. Although we can respect the mysterious on goings of this forbidden place, it’s time we show dad that we know there’s a lot more going on inside him as well.

Here are 5 gift ideas for the modern man cave that do just that:

The Web of Life Banner

The hustle and bustle of modern living often supercharges the perfect Father’s Day gift quest. After all, that one gift must symbolize everything that we were too busy to do or say all year. Right? This can be especially stressful for daddy’s little girl, who despite her age, forks out the most Father’s Day gifts every year. The Web of Life Banner quote, “All things bound together. All things connect…” says it all. Dad’s man cave will never be the same.


Velvet-lined Carved Wood Filigree Tree of Life Box

No man cave is complete without dad’s secret stash. Let’s not shutter at the thought just yet. The truth is men collect all sorts of things. Baseball cards, stamps, sports memorabilia, keychains, action figures, bottle caps, and cookie fortunes are some of the most popular treasures your dad may be stashing away for a rainy day. And guess what? They all fit nicely in this velvet-lined carved filigree box!


Art Glass Pyramid Crystal

Crystals have long been used as a catalyst for healing and stress reduction. This is largely due to a property within crystals that allow them to generate an electrical field. The art glass pyramid crystal can thus energize its contents — from fruits to herbs to stones — and help to balance the energy of its surroundings, adding a dash of serenity to your dad’s desk, other personal space, and especially his Father’s Day.


Spirit Animal Carvings

In Native American cultures, it is believed that human beings receive special guidance from not only ancestors, but by earth and animal spirits. Animal guides are thought to embody personality characteristics that serve as a reminder of the best and worst in human spirit. Give your dad a quiet reminder of the best he has to give this Father’s Day with a hand-carved spirit animal carving.


Dragon Ceramic Bowl with Terra Cotta

 Dragons have historically symbolized good fortune, strength and power; just the kind of thing dad needs to get that macho engine revving. Like crystals, dragons also play a role in establishing a room’s energy, also known as feng shui. In a man cave oozing in high voltage yang energy, the dragon ceramic bowl may be best suited for burning calming incense resins such as dried lavender or honey amber.