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Different Pendulums and Their Uses

Different Pendulums and Their Uses

Pendulums are a very versatile tool for personal growth and consciousness expansion.  They’re easy to learn, can travel with you anywhere, and can be used for self-hypnosis, energy healing, meditation and divination. In this article you’ll learn different pendulums and their uses.

Pendulums are made from many materials, from beautiful woods like Coconut, to semi-precious gemstones and metals.  Each material provides unique properties that can intensify the work you do with your pendulum.  When choosing a pendulum(s), consider the primary goals you have for it and choose materials that will best enhance those practices.

For energy healing practices, a pendulum with Chakra stones would be an excellent choice.  You might also want to choose one made with copper, a metal known to conduct, balance and amplify healing energies.

For Divination purposes, a pendulum that conducts and elevates higher spiritual energies and protects against negative vibrations is ideal.  Stones like quartz crystal are a good choice because they conduct, transform and amplify energy.

Merkabah pendulums are also very powerful for working with Spirit energy and connecting with your guides and higher self.  The Merkabah is a multidimensional vessel that links us to higher dimensions and also provides protection while in altered states of consciousness.  The Merkabah also links both sides of the brain, inspiring well-rounded, creative thought processes that enhance problem solving abilities.

Sheesham, also known as Indian Rosewood, is associated with the Divine Feminine, the Heart Chakra and for healing with compassion.  It is an excellent pendulum to use during meditations for releasing obstacles and developing the higher self.  Buddhist Monks often use prayer beads made from this wood specifically for its healing qualities.

Whatever the need, there is a pendulum that will be a perfect match for you.  Here is a list of some of the more popular pendulum materials and their properties for quick reference.

Different Pendulums and Their Uses

Aventurine:  Attracts abundance, promotes healing, clears and protects the heart chakra making it good for releasing emotional issues.  Releases fears and opens the mind and heart to new possibilities.

Crystal (Clear Quartz): Cleanses and balances mental, spiritual and emotional energies. Can amplify properties of other stones and crystals.

Selenite: Numerous healing and metaphysical properties. Excellent for energy healing work, cleanses the aura and draws healing energies.

Onyx: Strong protective stone that absorbs and transforms negative energies and is used to relieve worry and anxiety.

Brass: Attracts healing, prosperity and protection.  Associated with the element of fire and is very energizing.

Copper: Balances and amplifies energies and promotes healing on all levels.

Did you know pendulums are one of the easiest metaphysical tools to learn and master? It’s true.  You can learn the basics in minutes and with a bit of daily practice, you’ll be a pro in no time.