Celebrating Motherhood

May brings the freshness of Spring with all the flowers and natural abundance.  Once again, the Earth is reborn and comes to life.  Birds lay their eggs, wild animals can be spotted with their young.  It is a perfect time to honor motherhood in its entirety – from the Earth Mother, to the women in our lives who give of themselves freely to raise, nurture and support us from the day we are born and throughout our lives.

Motherhood has been revered and honored in numerous cultures throughout history.  The Divine Feminine is depicted in different ways, through different prominent female figures like the various Hindu Goddesses, Mary mother of Jesus and so on.  As an archetype, the Goddess represents creation, fertility, nurturing and sustenance. She, like mothers everywhere, are the bearers and nurturers of life itself.

Ask almost any mom and she will tell you that becoming a mother is one of the most simultaneously beautiful and challenging aspects of life.  We always remember the day our child was born, watching eagerly for every milestone.  Mothers smile through their tears as they watch their little ones grow and change so quickly. Even as we pine for our babies; we marvel at every new skill – from the first words and steps, to the first day of school, to the day they leave home as an adult and everything in between.

Motherhood is a full time job, with many around-the-clock responsibilities.  Moms think fast on their feet and work as nurses, teachers, chauffeurs, mentors, personal chefs and more at a moment’s notice. The reward is the joy and satisfaction of watching the child that grew within our belly morph into this unique and special human being.

Motherhood is truly miraculous and beautiful.  Those who strive to be good parents understand that in life, there is no greater responsibility.  A wonderful mother can be a source of support and nurturing who gives her offspring the strength to grow and thrive throughout life.

When you celebrate motherhood and the spirit of the feminine, let the love of the process of life itself fill your soul with awe and reverence for the beauty of the world. Each day the Earth, as our collective mother, provides sustenance for us.  This can be witnessed by simply observing nature and its abundance.  Give thanks for these things we tend to take for granted.

Draw more of this maternal energy into your home or sacred space.  Plant a garden, place an image of the Earth or the Goddess as a reminder to be mindful and grateful for all you have been given.  Take time to celebrate your own mother for what she has brought to your life.  Even challenging relationships often hold valuable lessons and wisdom that can help us grow.

If you are a mother, take time to honor yourself and the role you have been given.  Take time to fulfill your own needs so that you can better meet the needs of those who depend on you.  Set a great example by being the type of person and parent you would like your own child to become.

Most of all celebrate life every day, because it is a beautiful process and no one knows and understands that more intimately than a mother.