Why You Should Embrace New Beginnings and Change

Change is often difficult.  To make changes, we must be willing to leave behind the comfort of what is familiar and face the new and unknown.  Uncertainty can lead us to accepting circumstances that are not ideal.

Have you ever stayed in a relationship or job that was not fulfilling or challenging enough, but you feared what would happen if you left? Many people get caught in the trap of comfort zones.  It’s understandable.  Sometimes it feels easier to face what we know rather than accept risk.  Unfortunately, this desire to protect ourselves often comes at a heavy personal cost. Loneliness, feeling trapped, boredom, and futility can all result from resisting change.

Without change, growth is not possible.  Think of the caterpillar that transforms itself into a butterfly.  We too have to be willing to accept sacrifice or “death”, in order to bring new passion and purpose to our lives.  Without the efforts of the caterpillar, no butterflies would ever emerge.  In order to transform, you have to be willing to embrace change and work hard, or forever remain a caterpillar.

Those who accomplish amazing things in life are not the ones who never faced challenges or felt fear; they were the ones who despite those things, felt compelled to take action anyway.  There is no such thing as “fearlessness”.  Everyone has fears, but not everyone allows their fears to dictate their actions. These are the people who, often after many failed attempts, get their wings and take flight in life.

With the beginning of a new year, people often feel compelled to make major changes.  There is a sense of a fresh start and the desire comes to better oneself.  With that desire however, there needs to be a willingness to take action and this is where fears and feeling overwhelmed often stop people in their tracks.

Change will always be scary, but there are ways to make it more manageable so that it doesn’t stop you from reaching your potential.

First, you have to understand what it is you truly want to experience in life at soul level.  Ask yourself honestly what areas of your life lack passion or are not challenging you enough?  Once you have the answers to those questions; you can understand what you need to do to change things for the better.

Break your larger goals down into smaller attainable ones and keep records of your progress.  If your goal is to own your own business one day, but you feel you can never leave your job – rather than give in and accept that as fact, be willing to make changes.

Spend time each day doing something that is focused on your goal.  Read books to gain knowledge, research your ideas, location, potential customer base etc.  Spend time preparing for your transformation.  This is your incubation period.  In nature, we don’t see much happening when we view a cocoon, but inside all these amazing transformations are occurring.

Your small actions add up and will lead you to your ultimate destiny.  Be willing to change, find a goal worth pursuing, and take steps every day towards that goal. In time, you’ll see your transformation was much more painless than you might have imagined.

Remember that without change, growth is not possible and that we all go through changes, whether we choose to work with them or not.  Those who embrace change are the ones who find the most success in life.