Finding your sacred space within is easier when you take the time to create a harmonious area in your home dedicated to spiritual practice. It can be as simple as a small corner in one room. The only thing that is required is to have a spot that is quiet and free from clutter and outside distractions. This is your place, an oasis of sorts, where all the cares of the world fall away when you enter. Think of it as a unique refuge created just for you – because it is, and over time it will become a living part of you.

When you allow yourself to have this space and develop a habit of regular use; you’ll find that in time, you become a sacred space. You will be able to cultivate and access that inner peace and stillness whenever and wherever you need to. An altar is a highly customizable way to honor the Divine and your connection to your higher power. It can be created by covering a small table with a cloth. Place candles, incense, singing bowls, chalices or any sacred objects you desire on your altar. Spend time there daily, even if it’s just a few minutes.
Bring that energy forward into other areas of your home and workspace by placing Feng Shui elements that facilitate the flow of positive energy. Place a salt lamp in your office to help absorb the electronic pollution cast off by office equipment. Hang wall art or tapestries that beautify your space and also serve as reminders of what truly matters. A space that facilitates healing and spiritual awareness allows its inhabitants to become the refuge they seek.

Those who can find their sacred space within at will are able to handle anything that comes up with grace and confidence. Accessing higher wisdom and inner peace at any moment provides a richness and depth to daily living that many never know. Those who are able to do this learn to manifest true power and control through their willingness to let go and accept what is.

Any place can be a sacred space with the right mindset. Creating an aura of sacredness is an exercise in spiritual strength. When you access this place; you also become a beacon to others around you who will relax in your presence. Think of the effect serene, calm people have on others. You can live within that calm center and bring it forward into the world as well. Creating a sacred space teaches you to find your inner sanctuary and access it whenever you need to.