How to be at Peace with Yourself

Inner peace is often seen as a goal to be attained. We are taught that when we find happiness; it will bring us peace. As a result, most of us spend our time actively pursuing goals, having careers, buying things, and looking to others for a sense of fulfillment and inner peace. We follow these various paths, only to find that something is still missing despite our best efforts.

The truth about inner peace is that it is a state of mind, a choice that can be made. With proper training of the mind and dedication to personal, spiritual growth; it is very possible to have a deep, inner peace regardless of what is going on around you. The first very important step on the path to peace is finding the power of acceptance. Many are familiar with the Serenity prayer. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” This is so powerful, that it has been the mantra for recovery programs for many years. Releasing struggles and finding freedom requires the ability to let go.

With acceptance comes wisdom and true power in the world. You cannot control the actions and behaviors of others, but you are always 100% in control of your own choices. Acceptance is the key that releases the bondage of powerlessness. It allows us to be authentic, to treat ourselves and others with mercy and compassion. Letting go of that desire for a false sense of control gives true power, and with that peace follows.

Beyond acceptance and letting go of external power struggles; there is also a need for silence and quiet contemplation. Have you ever noticed how we tend to avoid the dark? Do you feel the need to always have background noise? Many do this habitually, without realizing that what they are avoiding is what they need – silence.

The importance of stillness is taught in most spiritual traditions. Meditation, prayer, and quiet contemplation are the keys to opening ourselves to greater awareness and understanding. For many, there is an underlying fear of what lies beyond our daily reality and the 5 basic senses. It is strong enough to keep us seeking distractions, rather than embracing solitude as the gift of peace and tranquility it can be.

Finally, the ultimate peace comes from the ability to understand that you are fine as you are. You are perfect “as is”. Society puts a lot of pressures on us to conform to certain ways of living. We are influenced daily by messages that tell us we are not “enough”. Many advertisements play on our fears of not being rich enough, beautiful enough, young enough, having enough time etc. Manipulating people’s deepest fears fuels profitability at the expense of personal fulfillment. Letting go of the unrealistic and unattainable desire for “perfection” is vital to inner peace.