Rune Sets

Rune sets are stones with etched symbols often cast for divination purposes.  They are Scandinavian in origin and have been around for centuries, dating back to as far as 150 AD.  The symbols were an original form of alphabet used before the Roman alphabet took hold in Europe.  Each symbol was made of straight lines, making them easier to carve into stone.

Over time, this meanings of the letters evolved into a deeper esoteric symbolism.  Casting runes can help you see situations from a more well-rounded perspective with their messages.  Interpretations are not difficult and with practice, Runes can be much easier to read and understand than Tarot and other forms of divination.

Rune sets are developed with a variety of materials, from wood to semi-precious stone.  These materials infuse their magical properties to the symbols as well and can enhance readings and the readers connection to his rune stones.

For example, some stones are made of amethyst quartz, which helps to charge and harmonize mental, emotional and spiritual energies.  This allows the user to let go of mental and emotional “clutter” and more easily tap into the intuition and subconscious, where our deeper answers and true creative problem solving abilities lie.

Rune sets should be stored in a black (or dark) velvet pouch or bag to prevent contamination by outside energies and protect them from scuffing and scratching.  Most sets will come with some type of literature that explains the symbols, but you can also find detailed explanations online and in various books and other materials.

As you cast your stones, you should clear your mind and focus only on the area of concern.  You can draw one from the bag or cast several.  When you are just getting started, one stone at a time is a great way to learn their meanings and integrate them into your consciousness.

Rune sets are a great way to do personal work, whether you use them for spiritual guidance or simply some creative inspiration.  Drawing the stones evokes a sense of history and the beautiful materials they are made from can help you connect with your spirit and the Earth.

Purchase a set that speaks to you and be patient as you learn to work with them.  You’ll find they are extremely durable and will be a treasured tool you’ll want to keep for a lifetime.