Symbols of Healing

Throughout the ages and across many cultures, healing symbols have been used to promote wellness on all levels.  They elevate our vibrations and draw therapeutic, transformative energy.

In nearly every culture, there is a belief in a universal spiritual energy that we can access.  This universal life force energy goes by many names – chi, prana, the holy spirit, but the essence is the same.  It is the life force energy that ties all together and flows through and around us.  It can be invoked to protect, purify and heal.

Energy healing practices like Reiki use special symbols to represent various needs.  There are symbols for grounding, energizing, drawing harmony, and bringing enlightenment.  Reiki practitioners connect with the life force energy, detecting where there are imbalances present and use visualization of these symbols as a way to regulate and direct energy throughout the body.

Gemstone Carved Worry Stone Chakra SetMeditation can also be used as a tool for healing work.  The ethereal body contains seven primary chakras or energy centers that correspond to different areas of the body, and to various mental and emotional conditions.  Working with the chakras aligns body, mind and spirit, bringing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Each chakra has its own unique color and symbol. Focus on these symbols during meditation to enhance and direct healing energy to specific areas.

Buddhism is spiritual path rich in symbolism that includes mantras, deities and symbols. All are used to bring focus and deeper meaning to adherents. Deities have long been associated with healing. The Medicine Buddha and Tara, the Mother of all Buddhas are said to ease pain and suffering, bringing comfort and improving health and well being.

Healing mantras often accompany their images. “om tare tuttare ture soha” is often used to invoke Tara.  Om is a sacred symbol representing the breath of life that links all creation; it is considered the sound of God. Tare is the end of suffering, tutare is liberation from dangers and soha is a reinforcement that helps the true meaning of the mantra take root in the mind.

Mudras are another form of symbolism used in Buddhism and Hinduism.  They are a series of symbolic hand gestures used for healing a variety of conditions and illnesses.  Mudras can be used during meditation, or on their own.  Charts are available to show the different mudras and how they work.

Symbolism, in whatever form,  serves as a reminder to consciously shift your thoughts towards wellness.