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It’s True! Evidence That Thoughts Shape Reality

Is there any scientific evidence that shows our thoughts directly influence our physical reality and surroundings? Actually, there is – and this unique research was conducted in the 1990’s by a Japanese author and researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto believed, and set out to prove, that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water.  So, what does this mean?  Consider this: half of the Earth and three-quarters of the human body are made of water.

If human consciousness changes the molecular structure of water; it follows that our thoughts do shape our physical reality.  Dr. Emoto’s research provides photographic evidence of these molecular changes.

Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiments

For his experiments, Dr. Emoto used a combination of a high-powered microscope in a cold room with high-speed photography.  Specific emotions or thoughts were directed towards water and the newly formed ice crystals were photographed in great detail.

The photographs show that positive, healthy emotions like “love” and “gratitude” resulted in the formation of vibrant, geometrically perfect crystals with intricate, snowflake like patterns.  Negative emotions like “anger” or “hate” exposed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns that appeared dull and lifeless.

The quality of the water also had an important effect.  Positive energies directed towards clear, Spring water produced the most desirable results, whereas negative thoughts directed towards polluted waters displayed troubling images.

Enhance Your Health and Well Being

Try conducting your own experiment by paying closer attention to where your thoughts wander.  Is your inner voice often critical? Do you ever find yourself feeling tired, anxious, ill or even angry and aren’t sure why?  Chances are you are being impacted by both your own thought processes and the energies being emitted around you.

Take a few minutes each day for a week or two to stop and observe your thoughts.  Take note of what you are thinking, where you are and how you feel at the moment. Turn off the TV and step back from social media for awhile. Most people are shocked by how much disconnecting helps improve emotions and mental clarity.

These simple mindfulness exercises can determine how to best improve the energies that surround you and come from you.

We can’t always control the world around us or who and what we come in contact with, however there are many ways to promote positive energies, restore health and shield ourselves from negativity.

One such way combines Dr. Emoto’s water research with the use of gemstones.  Stones have been used for centuries by many cultures for their protective and healing properties.  The combination of specific stones with purified water provides a concentrated source of targeted energy.  Drinking this enhanced water can restore energy and boost your vitality and well-being.