Premium Tea Sets and Mugs

Imagine coming inside to a nice pot of tea on a frosty cold morning.  How about a hot brew to warm and wake you before heading out to work?  Nothing beats a pot of your favorite brew on a cold winters day, whether it’s in the morning to get your blood pumping, or in the evening to shake off the cold as you settle in. Our premium ceramic tea sets are a great way to enjoy a splendid brew – and share it with a loved one.

Did you know drinking a cup of tea not only feels good, it’s great for your health? Tea is better for your oral hygiene and health than coffee.  Some teas can improve dental health and promote fresher breath.  Tea also helps boost immunity, promotes a healthy heart and can help keep cholesterol levels within healthy range.

If you drink green tea, you can gain even more health benefits.  The EGCG in green tea is a natural metabolism booster.  The antioxidants in green tea have been shown to protect the heart and prevent several types of cancers.  In cultures where green tea is taken daily, there are much lower incidences of obesity, heart disease and cancer.

 Ceramic tea pots also have benefits. They are durable and able to handle high water temperatures.  They also hold and distribute the heat more evenly and for longer than metal pots.  Aluminum and steel pots don’t retain heat very well, and can also leech heavy metals into your tea, changing the flavor and contaminating it.  Ceramic pots also naturally resist bacteria and staining, keeping your tea fresh and flavorful.

We carry a variety of premium tea sets in unique shapes and beautiful colors.  Each set comes with a tea pot, two cups and saucers.  They are embossed with different symbols including the Tree of Life, Namaste and Blessed Be. Most sets feature a 3 or 4 cup capacity.

The Namaste sets feature Buddha eyes and come in black, white or brown – so there is a set to match any décor.  The Tree of Life tea set comes in a dark, emerald green with gold embossed symbols. The Blessed Be set is black with a pentagram and blessing embossed in white.  The curved shape of this sets cups and saucers set it apart from the others and are what make it even more unique.

Our tea sets make great gifts for the holidays.  Any tea lover will appreciate a high-quality ceramic tea set to serve their favorite brews throughout the cold winter ahead.

Tips for a Great Cup of Tea

Don’t use tap water.  Tap water is often filled with chemicals that alter the taste of tea.  Instead use filtered water.

Try a good loose blend of herbal tea over tea bags.  Place the loose tea in a diffuser to avoid getting pieces of it in your brew.  Diffusers come in several shapes and sizes.

Heat your water to boiling and then allow it to cool a bit before brewing for the best flavor.