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Attract Prosperity Into Your Life

Manifesting and attraction are quite the popular topics these days thanks to several popular mainstream books and movies. The principles of attraction however are ancient and have been taught by mystics and masters for centuries. The foundation of many spiritual practices have this philosophy at their core. They teach us to focus on blessings, being humble, hardworking and grateful.

Attracting prosperity is about more than focusing on money or things – it’s about developing a state of mind that draws opportunities. One of the best ways to create abundance is to focus on the blessings you already have. Gratitude that is sincere and deeply felt raises our energetic vibration, opening the mind and heart to infinite possibilities.

It’s not only important to focus on gratitude, but to consciously shift our thought patterns in a positive manner. In life, everyone faces challenges and heartaches. Those who accept this and look actively for what they can glean from life’s more difficult experiences find themselves richly rewarded. Where our thoughts go, so does our energy and what we direct our energy towards is ultimately what we draw into our lives.

If you choose to focus on limitations, lack or feeling deprived or victimized, those are the energies that will continue to show up. Instead, focus on growth, learning experiences and turning your thoughts towards solutions, more than the problems themselves. Instead of focusing on “want” spend your time doing. When we focus on what we want or need, it creates an energy of not having. Those who are successful know that what they want is guaranteed, they simply need move themselves towards it.

Prosperity follows those who develop positive habits. Agatha Christie, one of the best selling authors of all time, faced 5 straight years of rejections. Can you imagine? That thought is enough to make most of us throw in the towel and second guess our choices, but she was persistent and as a result sales of her books have exceeded two billion dollars! Persistence and an intense faith in oneself are required for prosperity. You must know at the core of your soul this is my purpose and it will find its way to me so long as my cooperation is continued.

Prosperity often comes after adversities and many hours of trial and error. Fixating on road blocks and failures are what cause most to give up, but those who feel that deep compulsion and longing in their soul find that they simply refuse to give up and that determination brings success and prosperity. That unwavering faith brings multiple blessings along the path.

Prosperity is not difficult to attract, but like anything worth doing it requires effort and concentration. There is no “quick fix” to the process. You can visualize all day long, but unless you’re working at developing the higher levels of consciousness, mindsets and effort to manifest – nothing will happen.

Instead, get clear on a goal. What is it that you truly want to achieve, not merely because you think you should, but because deep down it is who you are? Once you have answered this question, then focus on developing a series of steps to move in that direction and make them a part of your daily routine, so that your process of attracting prosperity becomes a habit. When you hit roadblocks (and you will no path to success is ever straight), ask yourself what you can learn and carry forward from that experience. Finally, keep doing it and don’t give up.

Prosperity can be attained by anyone who is dedicated and hardworking enough.