Metaphysical Products and Practices that Promote Peace

Are you looking to welcome more serenity into your world? Do you have visions of acceptance and grace among people everywhere? Many traditions have taught us that peace begins at home, by fostering understanding and developing compassion for both self and others. Focusing on our connection with all living fosters empathy and understanding. This leads to a lasting peace that not only makes you happier, but those blessings extend to others as well.

Peace can be welcomed into our lives by remembering and honoring the fact that we all come from one source. Namaste is a simple word that sums this up quite nicely.  It translates to “I bow to you”, but its deeper meaning and wisdom is an acknowledgment that we all come from the same source. At the heart of existence, we are one.  Namaste is a wonderful mantra that can immediately bring us to our heart center, the place where there is no duality, only unity of spirit.

The OM symbol is another great reminder of unity and harmony.  The OM is said to be the sound of creation itself. When we focus on it or make the sound during meditation, we raise our energetic vibration to align to this ultimate place of peace and understanding. Wearing symbols like the OM can also serve as reminders throughout the day, to stop and focus on peace and unity.

Nearly every culture and religious tradition has prayers, rituals or incantations for peace. These also invite harmony and order into your day. Display them in areas where you want to invite positive, harmonizing energy to flow. Prayer flags, banners and other decorations like candles can be an instant reminder to invite peace into your space.

Mahatma Gandhi said “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”.

This is so true and it serves as a reminder that peace is also a habit that must be practiced regularly. Learn to let go and allow it to flow through you. There are many practices that can invite more peace into your life.

Meditation is a great way to release the worries of the day and focus on unity with your source. As you enter your heart center, all external influences fall away, allowing you to welcome the peace that accompanies higher wisdom and understanding.

Writing in a journal or practicing art allows the emotions to flow freely. The release welcomes a more peaceful, tranquil state of mind. When emotions are bottled up, they eventually reach a breaking point, resulting in negative responses. Regular methods of emotional expression prevent this.

Yoga and other forms of physical exercise can also help foster harmony. Stress is the enemy of peace. When we learn to be fully present and aware of the mind and body; anxiety, fear and other tensions fall away naturally. Exercise also releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones in the body that evoke feelings of peace and happiness.

There are many ways to facilitate the flow of harmonious energy in your home and office space as well. Working and living in places that encourage peace makes it a natural part of your being. When we become peaceful, we actively seek out more of the same energy. We become more compassionate, more connected and happier.

Place items in your space that inspire harmony. Salt lamps, water features, and scented pillar candles can instantly enhance the vibrational energy of a room or space and allow the energy to flow freely, inviting peace.