Selenite, also known as gypsum, is a sedimentary mineral found in evaporated lakes, sea beds and caves.  The word selenite is Greek for “moon rock”, given to the stone because of its appearance. Selenite is nearly transparent and has a glowing pearl like sheen that very much resembles the moon. It is a powerful and incredibly beautiful crystal with many desirable properties.

Selenite is very soft and flexible, rating only a 2 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. It is a fairly common mineral found throughout the world.  Historically, it was used by the Egyptians in the building of the pyramids as a plaster and binding agent. It was also used in sculptures by the Romans and Greeks. In modern times, powdered forms of it are still used in building materials like countertops and some forms of sheet rock.

Selenite is a versatile material that isn’t only loved for its practical uses. It has many spiritual and metaphysical properties that make it one of the most popular crystals for healing, cleansing and opening up spiritually.

Metaphysical and Spiritual Properties

Selenite is used to open the crown chakra, creating a connection with spirit and the higher self. It is viewed as a gateway to higher spiritual realms and is often used to facilitate astral travel. It is also used in meditation to clear negative energies and create a stronger connection with the higher realms.

Selenite is used to clear blockages within the chakra system. Its ability to filter energies, combined with its ability to open the crown chakra, make it an excellent tool for expanding awareness and developing higher levels of consciousness. Placing selenite along the spine can align the body energetically with the spirit.

Selenite is a calming crystal with the ability to clear negative energy. It is an excellent stone to hold when feeling tired, stressed or angry. It creates a sense of peace and allows you to feel more calm and centered. A large piece of selenite in a room can promote a peaceful atmosphere and create a restful space when kept in a bedroom near the bed.

Its energy cleansing properties and ability to forge connections with the higher realms make it a popular tool for rituals. Beautiful athames are crafted from it.

Caring for Selenite

Selenite should be handled with care since it is soft and can be easily scratched. Store it wrapped in soft fabric like silk to protect the surface from damage. Selenite should never be rinsed or submerged in water. Doing so will erode the surface.