May’s Birth Gemstone

Emerald - May's Gemstone

New growth and rebirth are the hallmarks that usher in spring. Life sprouts out from the earth in vibrant shades of green, with its most brilliant shade called emerald. Emerald is Mays Birth Gemstone. The gemstone belonging to the month of May and to the Goddess Venus. It is thought to preserve love, and is a symbol of hope, providing sensitivity and loyalty to its wearers.

May’s Birth Gemstone: Emerald gives the ability to make a “right” choice. It brings harmony, action and progress. It helps to heal your physical body and enhances the immune system. Emerald brings wisdom, growth, and patience: all of which are necessary for couples in long term relationships. Give the gift of an Emerald, the eternal symbol of love and fidelity.

Crystal and gemstones, like people, can absorb energy from their surroundings. It is important to cleanse and recharge them when you first acquire them or have worked with them, to clear negative energies.