5 Incense Aromas to Lift Your Mood

Despite its ancient origins, incense burning often epitomizes the Western World’s definition of New Age. The pleasure-inducing quality of incense aroma is deeply embedded in mainstream medicine throughout other areas of the world, however. Science has shown that the essential oils and plant matter found in incense resin stimulate areas of the brain that regulate emotions and memory. In short, burning incense can play a real role in managing stress and lifting your mood. Finally, modern day science has caught up with the wisdom of our ancestors. Fragrance can be truly therapeutic!

Here are 5 of the best mood enhancing incense resins:

Inca Gold

This incense gives homage to the mist-veiled Llanganates mountain range of Ecuador that is believed to hold the secret of lost Inca Gold. For such a subtle aroma, Inca Gold is thankfully capable of doing big things. The incense has long been called upon for its mood-enhancing qualities and propensity for clearing energy blockages that contribute to illness.

Honey Amber

Amber has historically been used to treat a wide variety of psychological ailments including depression and anxiety. Made from amber resin and natural essential oils, honey amber resin incense stimulates the brain’s euphoric centers that ultimately work to promote a sense of calm, positivity and overall wellness.

Palo Santo

Also known as the “holy stick,” the half woodsy, half citrusy aroma of Palo Santo incense has been utilized by various indigenous tribes of the Andes to ward off negative energy and bad luck. The purifying resin promotes environmental stability and an atmosphere conducive for obtaining goals.

Black Copal

This pleasant and uplifting resin incense, used aggressively by indigenous populations of Central and South America, offers protection from negativity and the added a boost to mental clarity. It is widely believed that black copal stimulates the emotional button of the limbic system that allows one to let go of things that no longer serve a higher purpose.

Dried Lavender

Christian legend holds that lavender was originally scentless until the Virgin Mary draped Jesus’ swaddling clothes on the plant to dry. Remarkably fragrant, lavender resin incense has been proven to have an overall soothing effect on the nervous system, especially when used in conjunction with meditation. Various studies have shown the highly aromatic incense to ease exhaustion, insomnia, irritability and mild forms of depression.