Heal Your Life!

Healing is possible, but you must decide to heal your heart from every wound inflicted on it! You must decide to free yourself from everything that cause you pain! Don’t nurture anything that reduces your life quality, takes away peace from your heart and even prevents you from feeling the presence of The Divine in your life! Surround yourself with people who uplift your spirit, love you for who you are, motivate you to do the right things in life, inspire you to follow love, guide you in the path of righteousness and wish only the best for you. Stay away from all those who only use you, disrespect, humiliate and cause you pain all the time! You know people by their actions! Your choices will make all the difference in your life, you can surround yourself with everything that will make your life to feel like a curse or surround yourself with everything that will make your life truly a blessing to self and others! Healing is possible! You are your own divine healer! Heal your heart! Heal your life! Decide to heal yourself and live a blissful life! Peace and divine guidance be with you!
Prem Tihan (Shafiq)