Ten Ways to be Thankful

During the Thanksgiving season, the focus turns to gratitude and celebration; but consciously focusing on gratitude every day can enrich overall sense of well-being and open the mind up to new possibilities and opportunities throughout the year.  There are many ways to express gratitude and show appreciation to others – no holiday required. Here are ten feel good ways to be thankful and show gratitude in meaningful ways year round.

 Write a note

Today’s world is full of email and texts that lack the personal touch of a handwritten note.  A quick note can brighten anyone’s spirits and let them know how much you appreciate them.  Put a little post it note in your child’s lunch or send a letter to your spouse’s office.

 Give Something You Own

Give someone something personal that you cherish and tell them in detail why you really want them to have it.  This is an act of appreciation and love that will be treasured by loved ones. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; a favorite stone, a copy of a recipe – anything that is a personal expression of yourself that you want to share.

Give Top Tips

If you get exceptional service while dining consider leaving a larger than usual tip.  If you can, write a little note to accompany your gratuity.  People like to know that the work they do has a positive impact. Often, that simple note will make a hard and often thankless job much more worthwhile.

Give Compliments

A simple compliment can really brighten someone’s day.  It lets them know that you appreciate them and it enhances a sense of connection with others.  Ensure compliments are genuine and be sincere with others.

 Take a Compliment

Learning to accept and appreciate a compliment is a lesson in itself.  Often we feel compelled to discount or minimize ourselves when being praised.  Don’t shrink back; say thank you and mean it. If another appreciates you so much that they are willing to express it, be grateful that you are making an impact.

 Social Media

In today’s world, a social media mention or tag is a great way to let someone know you thought of them and you appreciate something they did. Tag a photo of a special moment or send a little meme to make them laugh.  It’s a great way to stay in touch in busy times.

 Offer Your Assistance

Show appreciation by offering to help.  If you enjoy a large meal at the home of a relative or friend this holiday season, volunteer to clean up.  If someone at work has a heavy load, offer to assist.  Easing burdens is a great way to show appreciation and those who do this tend to have help available to them when it’s needed.

 Pay it Forward

Generosity is a gift. Helping those in need in a hands on way enriches life and develops a deeper sense of connection with others. Volunteering helps the community as a whole, not just the individuals involved. It is a great way to make a larger impact on humanity.

 Random Acts

Make random acts of kindness a part of your regular routine. Kindness fosters positive energies in a world that is depicted as increasingly stressed and fearful.  When we show a kindness to strangers it reinforces the positive and inspires hope.

 Appreciate Yourself

We can’t give to others what we don’t have within, so appreciate and honor yourself by ensuring your needs are being met.  Often we sacrifice ourselves to other causes and that can make giving start to feel like a burden.  Fill your own cup first and then let it overflow to others.  This is how abundance and generosity benefit everyone.

How will you make gratitude a part of your daily life? Consider the positive impact gratitude has and use it regularly to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.