Who we are is brighter than ten thousand suns

It is foolish to blame circumstances or others for anything for this immobilizes us and makes us impotent when the Truth is we are gods with all Godlike powers and qualities, which we are using all the time either consciously and on purpose or unconsciously.  Only with proper sacred and eternal knowledge that we call the principles of life are we able to make excellent decisions based on Truth which is always love, beauty,  joy, compassion, kindness, and abundant. Because we are creators,  then we can cause and create whatever we desire regardless of what is appearing in our personal or collective reality. Why would we blame our creations or resent and fear our Karmic reactions when we are the ones making them happen? All we need to do is cause something else? Effects are never causes for effects are things (material) and causes are no-things (God and us). Thinking, “This made me do that and that made me do this or this is the cause of this and that,” is not Truth. What is needed now is that we understand the process of creation since we are creators in the same way God is the Supreme first cause, Original Creator.   Outer appearances are images, colored pictures reflecting back to us what we are thinking, feeling, and willing.  Before every word or action pause and think about your intention, your goal. Is your word or action meant to bring love and joy to others including all animals or is there  resentment, anger, envy, or the desire to get even and bring pain and distress to others? Now is the opportunity to cleanse ourselves of any resentments, anger, hatred, grief, grudges and fear for these emotions come from the belief that someone or something has ruined our happy and comfortable future. No one can ruin our lives for we are eternal and not of this temporary and changing world. As Jesus taught: be in this world but not of it.  Why be afraid of your dreams as these are illusions?  Stop dreaming and wake up to yourself as ever-increasing, eternal love and joy.