Healing is about transforming our relationship to life, and it is about understanding our values and purpose in life. Healing is a mystical experience and the journey cannot be made from the mind. Healing is a journey and not a destination. We never stop healing as every moment life brings us newer situations to deal with, to grow from, and to gather wisdom from. Choosing to live from the place of gratitude is true devotion to the Divine. There is absolutely no purpose in life other than the purpose to live in love and trust. Every purpose of life that the mind can come up with is just a thought for survival. You cannot add or delete anything in life to achieve success, to feel good, or to give more value. Life has already provided all these things for you in the here and now and you only need to open your eyes to see these gifts.

Everything in life is divinely orchestrated. This moment, this day, and this hour is a precious gift – it will never come again. Live from the place of gratitude and learn to see the gifts of life. Take every person in your life, exaggerate their goodness, and notice the gifts they bring to your life at this time. Your gratitude to life becomes a living prayer. Bring in excitement with gratitude.

Celebrate love, celebrate life, surrender the mind stories, and drop the illusion of control. Let life live you and allow the Divine Presence to walk your life. When you understand that life lives you all of the time, you do not need destinations or goals to achieve because whatever life brings is for your greater growth and wisdom. It is wise to live from the place of excited anticipation of the next moment like a little child the eve before Christmas.
Write the words: “Something Magical is about to Happen,” in beautiful big letters. Post it to your fridge, your work table, your bathroom mirror, and read it every day. Expect magic and miracles, drop all of your mind stories and become a little child waiting in excited anticipation. Life loves you greatly, you are a beloved child of the Universe, and when you are in the place of excited anticipation, the Universe brings magic and miracles into your life.

~Excerpt from my book “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace”
Copyright © 2012 P Rajkumar , S L Christian
All rights reserved.