Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas His and Hers

The New Age Source provides a wide array of unique metaphysical and spiritual products as well as home-decor and other items.  If you want something truly unique that you can’t find anywhere else, you’re in the right place.  Here are a few of our suggestions for last-minute gifts for men and women.

For Him

For the men with a practical nature, a perpetual calendar is not only highly functional and long-lasting, it’s also beautiful.  A perpetual calendar never needs to be replaced.  Our calendar is hand carved and made of stone.  The lettering and numbering have been painted in black.  The calendar base features the OM symbol, a reminder of the breath of life that connects all living beings.  A perpetual calendar adds a bit of Zen and functionality to the office.

We carry unisex wooden pendants on black cords with a variety of symbols.  Each pendant is hand carved and features a beautiful, classic design. Each piece is then stained in a strong, but elegant Mahogany.  These striking pieces are loved by men and women alike.

 Coffee mugs also make a nice last-minute gift. We have them in different themes from the pagan greeting of “Blessed be” to our large, sturdy Namaste mug.  Give a little inspiration along with something practical.

Salt lamps are beautiful to look at and give a soft, serene glow that anyone will find soothing. They also serve the practical function of reducing indoor air pollution by removing particles from the air. Use them in home or office. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make a great conversation piece.

For Her

The New Age Source has an array of beautiful tapestries that can bring beauty and harmony to any space.  On a cold, winter day there’s nothing like adding a bit of vibrant color to the home to renew and inspire.  Tapestries can be hung on the wall, placed on altars, or displayed on table tops.  They are very versatile.

We carry beautiful angel pendants in a variety of different stones.  Amethyst, quartz, tiger’s eye, citrine and many other stones are available.  In addition to angels, we also offer wire wrapped stone pendants in other shapes.  Our pendants are designed to fit on any standard sized chain or cord. They are affordable also, at under $10.

Leather and metal embossed journals are elegant, beautiful and will be truly appreciated by anyone. Most are refillable and will last a lifetime.  Designs include the tree of life, Buddha, Celtic symbols and pentagrams. These journals are like works of art and you definitely won’t find anything like them in mainstream book stores.

Be sure to stop by the New Age Source if you are looking for a great last-minute holiday, or anytime gift, that is truly special.  We hope you have a lovely season full of blessings.