Peace is an essential element of happiness. Many people say they are searching for happiness, but what they are truly seeking is inner peace, an underlying sense of calm and quiet strength that remains no matter what upheavals might appear in life.  In this blog we’ll talk about how to find inner peace. People who can access this place regularly, find they can embrace change and go with the flow of life easier. Not only that, they find themselves more open and receptive to opportunities and willing to take chances.

Joy, like sorrow and anger, all tend to be fleeting and changeable, but peace at the core of our being is immovable like a mountain. Those who engage in regular spiritual practice find they are able to access this still, silent center at will in times of struggle. Immersing themselves in this place allows higher wisdom and intuition to guide choices in their life. Higher vision inspires confidence and encourages strength and endurance. Like athleticism, this is something that requires practice and dedication.

Athletes spend a great deal of time training. They work hard to build and strengthen their bodies to endure and accomplish all sorts of amazing feats. They inspire us with their dedication and drive. Olympians for example, push themselves to achieve things that seem to exceed the limits of what is humanly possible. People are awestruck by what these athletes can accomplish.

How To Find Inner Peace

Those who engage in regular spiritual practice are sort of like “spiritual athletes”. They build themselves up to be spiritually and emotionally strong, confident and capable. They are also dedicated and disciplined and the reward for their efforts is that connection to their source, that immovable force within them that radiates positive energy.  While those around them may be overcome by challenges, these people seem to be able to rise above any earthly challenge, emerging even stronger than before.

Those who are awakened spiritually are humble, recognizing the need to always practice to grow into more of their potential, the same as any elite athlete. They know there is no finish line, there is always room for improvement. Unlike athletes, those who are truly awakened spiritually go through life highly unnoticed. You can’t easily pick them out of a crowd. The enlightened people are not “flashy” – they don’t brag about themselves, because that comes from ego, not spirit.

You recognize a truly peaceful and happy person by their attitude and approach to life. You can pick it up in their energy. They speak in positives and are highly optimistic. They empathize and help others without becoming overwhelmed by emotions. These are the people who show genuine compassion and mercy to others; who come to the aid of the disenfranchised.  Spiritually awakened people recognize the spiritual principle of being what they want to see in the world, so their actions reflect that.

There are no medals for these people, no celebrations, and often no recognition whatsoever on a grand scale, but those whose lives they touch are forever changed and made better. The truth is with dedication and a willingness to set ego aside, anyone can become a “spiritual athlete” and develop more peace and lasting happiness in their lives. Like anything worth accomplishing, it requires effort and a willingness to change, but the end result is life that is truly rich and rewarding.