5 Benefits of Self-Development

In many traditions, it is taught that the key to enlightenment and wisdom comes from learning to accept and know ourselves. Understanding and awareness lead to greater opportunities in life. Developing a strong sense of self improves overall health and well-being and gives you more confidence to live authentically. If you struggle with anxiety, restlessness or feeling like something is missing in your life, it may actually be the call of your soul to get connected again.

Check out some of the top benefits associated with personal development and let them inspire you to make beneficial changes.

Overcoming Fears

Do you constantly second-guess yourself or deal with a lot of anxiety? Do you worry what others will think of you or fear rejection or failure like so many do? Anxiety and self-consciousness that take over are a symptom of a larger problem, and point to a need to develop a stronger sense of self.

As you practice self-development, you come to a greater understanding of who you are and what you truly want. This understanding leads to self-acceptance and freedom to live life on your own terms. It is very liberating to be free of unrealistic and untrue external influences. Those with greater

self-knowledge have less fear and social anxiety. They are free to be who they want to be.

Improved Self-Esteem & Passion for Living

Appreciating, respecting and valuing your uniqueness builds self-esteem and confidence.

Have you ever admired someone for a particular talent and how easy they make it look? That comes from self-awareness and determination. Entrepreneurs are a great example of personal passion that fuels the hard work necessary to achieve dreams.  These people don’t fear failure, they embrace it as a learning opportunity and just one step in a growth process. They accept it can and probably will happen and that failure doesn’t determine their ultimate worth. This gives them the freedom to keep trying until they succeed.

These are people who recognize the need to be themselves and follow their own path. They can’t and won’t just fall in line with what others expect of them or allow fear to stop them and as a result, innovations are born.  Every individual deserves to let their light shine in this world. Those with a strong sense of self-worth and belief in their dreams move mountains in life and make it look effortless.

Attracting Healthier People and Relationships

Like attracts like and this is very obvious in how people deal with each other.  If you have ever heard phrases like “misery loves company”, it highlights how people with low vibrational energy feed off of bringing others down to that level with them.  If you indulge people like this, you will walk away feeling drained, angry, depressed or anxious.

Fortunately, this works in reverse as well. If you are happy, living life on your own terms and feeling truly blessed; you will be naturally drawn towards others who are also happy, enthusiastic and energetic.  Have you noticed that when you feel good, your energy is lighter and you feel enthusiasm and passion for life? Others will gravitate towards those feelings as well. They will be drawn to you just as you are drawn to them. You will naturally move towards happier, more energetic people, to maintain that level of energy.

Sometimes personal development leads to changed relationships, new careers and even new friendships – and for good reason. It is important to align your energy with those who match where you want to be and remain.

Relief from Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are very complex subjects. They are often treated as only a medical condition. Pills are prescribed, but not much is done to address the root cause for those feelings. At the core, anxiety and depression are due to self-defeating or limiting beliefs. Fear, sadness and anger are soul-sucking, quite literally. They feed on your energy and drag you down to lower and lower vibrations.

Practicing self-development is a way to resist this pull and to move back towards the opposite end of the spectrum. When you start to focus on empowerment, directing your thoughts and energy consciously to what you do want, over time the feelings of dread and hopelessness begin to subside.

Overcoming Self-sabotaging Habits

Self-sabotage, bad habits and the guilt cycle that fuel them are what keep many from facing and loving themselves fully.  Self-development involves learning to accept ourselves as worthy and valuable. Acceptance leads to understanding, which leads to compassion. Compassion provides the strength needed to grow in new directions.

Those who see themselves as worthy and valuable are better able to overcome habits, behaviors and beliefs that hold them back in life.