Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are an inexpensive, beautiful way to decorate, improve your health and clear the air. The lamps emit a delicate, warm glow that is soothing and inviting, but looking beautiful isn’t the salt lamps only job. Once you understand how they work and all the ways they benefit your health, you’ll want to include them throughout your home and workspace.

How do Salt Lamps Work?

Salt crystals have been created over millions of years. When the ocean waters evaporated in various parts of the world, the crystals were formed. Lamps are crafted in a variety of sizes from the excavated crystals.

The crystals are drilled inside and fitted with either a low watt energy-efficient bulb or small candle. As the bulb warms the lamp, the salt attracts moisture from the air that evaporates, generating a negative ion charge. This provides a lovely light source, while also purifying the air of toxins.  Most airborne  pathogens carry a positive charge and require humidity to remain alive. Natural salt lamps inhibit these processes and make the environment inhospitable to dust, mold, viruses, bacteria and other allergens.

These natural air purifiers are safe to use anywhere and can help those with chronic respiratory ailments like allergies and asthma.

Have you ever wondered why walking near the ocean or visiting a waterfall in the mountains makes you feel so refreshed and energized? It’s because it recharges you quite literally, even though you don’t see the process. Negative ions are abundant around rapidly moving water and in the surrounding air. When you use a salt lamp, you are effectively providing the same benefits to your environment.

Salt Lamp Health Benefits

The salt crystals naturally attract surface moisture from the air. The water molecules quickly evaporate due to the warmth of the lamp and negative ions are generated during the evaporation process.  This not only improves air quality, but affects the electrical balance of the surrounding environment providing many health benefits including:

  • Increased mental alertness
  • Improved mood
  • Stress reduction
  • Relief from allergies
  • Improved asthma
  • Improved immunity

Purchasing Salt Lamps

Salt lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The natural salt lamps have a warm glow that varies a bit in color from corally pinks to soft sunset oranges. Most run on electricity, but others are designed to be used specifically around office equipment and come with USB cords. Lamps can be found in natural looking chunks, or may be crafted into various shapes.  Whatever variety you choose, you can be assured that they will make your favorite spaces even more inviting.