The Five Best Relaxing Products

Everyone can use a little extra help letting go and learning to deeply relax. Modern lifestyles tend to be stressful and as we all know, stress can be very harmful to your health and longevity. If you find you still feel tense long after the workday is over, it may be time to introduce some relaxation tools to your daily routine.  Here are five great stress-busting products that will have you feeling zen again in no time.


Candles are a great way to enhance the ambience of a room. Candles that are naturally scented with essential oils provide aromatherapy benefits. Infusions of lavender, vanilla, rose or myrrh create feelings of peace and tranquility while relieving stress and anxiety.  Some candles use blends specifically designed to promote peace, harmony and relaxation. Light a candle while soaking your cares away in a hot bath or light them throughout the home to enhance your sense of well-being.


Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are multi-purpose. They help clean the air while their soft light creates an aura of beauty and relaxation. Salt lamps are often used to not only remove allergens and impurities from the air itself, but to change the particle charge of the area, improving mood and enhancing relaxation as a result. Salt crystal lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They use tealight candles or low-watt bulbs to emit a soft glow that is instantly soothing.



Incense is one of the most widely used tools in many cultures and traditions to promote relaxation and create a serene environment for rituals and prayers. There are many fragrances that can induce relaxation, including jasmine, nag champa, frankincencse, patchouli, sandalwood, lavender and rose. The soothing smoke and fragrance of incense not only relaxes you, it purifies the area where it is lit, which is why it has been used worldwide for ritual enhancement for centuries.


Herbs and Essential Oils

Nothing is more relaxing than the scent of fresh herbs. Herbs can promote relaxation in many ways. Herbal teas, like chamomile or lemon balm, calm the mind and soothe the body’s digestive system at the same time. Other herbs are harvested for their aromatherapeutic properties. Lavender is a great example of a popular herb used to enhance relaxation and relieve stress and insomnia. Lavender is often sewn into pillows to encourage restful, more restorative sleep. 


Many essential oils are herbal. The essential oils of the plant are extracted and then used in a variety of products from custom massage oils, to aromatherapy blends for inhalation. Essential oils are often found in organic, green home and personal care products. They can even be added to homemade cleaning products to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Wind Chimes

The delicate sound of wind chimes can instantly calm and relax you. There are many types of chimes made with different materials, each creating their own distinct sound. Hang them outside the entry door to welcome friends and family or place them inside the home in an open window to invite relaxing breezes and delicate sounds into your space.


If you find yourself feeling stressed or tired often, consider enhancing your home, or even your workspace, with some of these items to improve your mood, energy and concentration naturally.