Best Ways to use Candles in Ceremonies

From ancient times to modern; candles have long been a staple with many uses.  Candlelight provides a special ambiance that enhances the energy of any space.  Candles can soothe the mind and spirit after a long day at work, or add a touch of romance to any dinner.  Lit candles can be festive at parties, or they can enhance the power of spiritual rituals and ceremonies.  They can turn a regular bath into a spa treatment and are life savers in emergencies when the power goes out. With so many uses; they are by far one of the best tools to always have on hand.

Choosing Candles

Not all candles are created equally.  Cheap candles are often made from low-quality waxes and wicks that can release black smoke and toxins into the home.  Always choose candles made with higher quality waxes like soy.  They burn clean, last longer and are a better investment for your money.

It’s also important to select candles that use natural oils when possible.  Pure essential oils are non-toxic and give the added benefit of aromatherapy.  The right oil or blend  not only creates intoxicating scents; it promotes healing.

Color is another consideration when choosing candles.  Colors have very specific meanings and can enhance various rituals with their unique energetic vibrations.  For example, silver candles are often burned to welcome higher spiritual energies; white candles are used to purify a space and green candles are used to draw feelings of unconditional love and  enhance prosperity.

How to Properly Store and Use Candles

Candles can be fragile and need to be carefully stored to prevent breakage, fading and loss of scent.  Here are some tips for proper care to keep your candles looking and smelling great.

When not in use, scented candles should be stored in plastic bins or wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent the fragrance from fading.

Never store candles where they can freeze or they will crack.  If they are stored where it is too warm, the wax may soften and the candles may become misshapen.

Keep all candles covered and out of direct sunlight to prevent the fading of color.  Store them flat and individually wrapped to prevent warping.

If you leave your candles out for display when not lighting them, cover them with a glass dome to keep them fresh and prevent a buildup of dust.

Trim wicks to 1/4 inch or less before burning to help your candles last longer and burn more evenly.

Burn your candles in draft free areas to ensure an even burn and increase the life of your candle.

Ritual candles and those used for spiritual purposes should be stored and used separately from other household candles.  Wrap them in a cloth when not in use to preserve their energy.

Anoint them by rubbing a bit of oil on them prior to ceremonial use.  This helps infuse the candles with your energy and will enhance your spiritual practices.  If you don’t have the right color for a particular spell or ritual, substitute with a fresh, white candle.

Whether you use them to enhance the beauty of your home, or as part of your spiritual practice; the right candles are guaranteed to make your space warm and inviting.