Why Self-Love is SO Important

February is the month for focusing on love.  Holiday’s like Valentine’s day tend to highlight the beauty and importance of romantic love, but the one concept that is missing from this holiday, and society in general, is the importance of self-love.

Why is this such an important topic?  Because self-love is the first and most important step in establishing long-lasting, healthy relationships with others who complement you and enrich your life.

Self-love is not an act of selfishness, in fact, it allows you to be fulfilled and in that state, you are better able to meet the needs of others.  We cannot give away what we don’t have within ourselves.  It is important to nurture and cultivate respect and love within, so that you can become a strong, healthy person who is able to attract strong, positive relationships of all kinds.

Here are the top 5 reasons that self-love is so important for a healthy life.

When you take the time to properly care for yourself, to nurture your own dreams and follow your passions, you become a strong, positive role model to those around you. Through your example; you give others permission to also follow their own inner light.

When you honor yourself from a place of higher awareness; you feel at peace. You can be alone, but not lonely.  This allows you to maintain a proper balance in relationships between distance and togetherness. This balance allows room for individual dreams and goals to flourish, while still enjoying the strong support of partnerships.


Self-love promotes good health on all levels.  When you take time to focus on your needs mentally, physically and spiritually you will achieve greater enthusiasm for life and stronger resilience in times of challenge.  When body, mind and spirit are all nurtured properly, life is richer and more rewarding.