Ripple Effect of Positivity

Have you ever skipped a stone across a pond? Or watched as rain drops hit a still body of water, causing circles to branch out from the point of impact? This is what is known as a ripple effect, where one action, causes a chain of other incremental reactions.

Merriam-Webster defines the “ripple effect” as a spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence.  Think of the connotations this has.  It means that every action we take spreads out into the universe, affecting others just like that stone or raindrop. This means that every day, you can take simple steps to create ripples of positivity that bring goodness to the world.

Perhaps you strike up a polite conversation with the checkout clerk who appears to having a tough day, or hold the door for people, or consciously make an effort to genuinely compliment or help someone. These simple actions bring moments of happiness to others, and will likely inspire them to do the same.  Imagine, one simple act encouraging another to also perform an act of kindness, which in turn inspires another and so on.  If you do this daily, you can consciously create a lot of good in the world with very minimal effort.  Imagine what you could accomplish by doing larger acts of kindness?

Another important thing to consider about positivity and the ripple effect is that like attracts like. Whatever you feel passionately tends to lead to more of the same.  Have you ever met someone who seemed chronically angry or unhappy? Chances are they are always complaining or looking at what is “wrong” or missing.  In very short order, you may start to also feel agitated or fatigued being around this energy.  It is a ripple effect.

On the other side, have you ever met someone whose energy was warm and gracious? They smile genuinely, laugh at their mistakes and speak about their blessings even in trying times. They seem to hold themselves with such grace and humility, that you feel inspired by their presence and want to be like them. People who consciously focus on the positives in life, are themselves, happier and better able to meet the demands of challenges of life as they arise. They are also bright beacons in the world, casting out positive ripples that move others in positive ways.

Positivity can be cultivated and the ripple effects will be felt in your own life and in the lives of everyone you encounter.  When you focus on creating positive energy, you consciously project healing energies out into the world.  Like a ripple, what you cast will not only branch out; it will ultimately be returned to you.

Remember the last time you discovered a little blessing or were given a happy surprise? Did you get a  giddy feeling and catch yourself smiling and feeling lighter overall? As you were smiling and reacting positively, others around you probably reacted and smiled with you.  This is why we tend to laugh when we see others laughing – even if we didn’t catch the punch line.  The potent, positive energy of laughter ripples out and creates a similar response in others.

When you do acts of kindness for others, you create a euphoric, happy vibration that spreads.  Unfortunately, all emotions spread – anger fuels hate that can lead to violence for example.  Counteract that by spreading good vibes.  Do it often, do it with intent and watch your life and the lives of those around you improve.