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The Heart Chakra: Your Center for Unconditional Love and Healing Transformation

The Heart Chakra

During this month of love, it is a great time to focus on the heart in general.  The great masters have taught us that love, in all its forms, is the highest of vibrational energies. It is the ultimate attainment and most important concept for humans to know and understand. In this article you’ll learn about the heart chakra your center for unconditional love and healing transformation

When we experience true, unconditional love; it is the purest form of spiritual energy.  This is one of the reasons so many are drawn to babies and pets. When we see their images, we smile, because we recognize the innocence and purity of these beings, the unconditional love they impart and the fullest potential they embody.  We can easily see the spirit of the universe within them, and on some level, we too are reminded of our connection with our source.

As we go through life, at some point, we all experience sorrows and heartaches.  Many times, we feel deep emotional pain in our heart region. The experience literally feels like our heart is breaking. The heart chakra, located at the center of the chest, is where we experience blockages due to emotional pain and trauma.  It is also where we can, through practice, experience the purity and wholeness of unconditional love at will.

The Heart Chakra: Your Center for Unconditional Love and Healing Transformation

One of the best ways to overcome emotional blockages and bring about healing and transformation is to focus healing on the heart chakra directly. This can be done with energy work, meditation and other practices that release blocks and raise your vibrational energy.

Learning to love and value oneself is the most powerful step towards developing a healthy heart center.  As you heal and build up the heart chakra, emotional empowerment results, bringing strong feelings of inner peace, harmony and compassion towards self and others.

During healing meditations or energy sessions, it can be helpful to incorporate the colors green or pink, which represent the heart chakra. Stones that can assist in more rapid cleansing and healing include malachite and rose quartz.  Place these stones on your heart chakra as you meditate, or wear them as a pendant around your neck, near your heart.  Heart chakra meditations impart the emotional lessons of forgiveness, letting go, building trust and developing more compassion and empathy for self and others.

Some of the deeper emotional issues that are cleared through the heart chakra are separation, grief due to loss, abandonment and emotional abuse. As you work to heal the heart chakra, these issues will come forward to be released and cleared away.  It is important to have an outlet to express these feelings and let them flow.  Some find water features like fountains can be helpful for focusing on release.  The water represents emotions as they flow gently and freely.  It is important not to repress the emotions again, but to allow them to flow naturally like a stream.

In addition to emotional healing, working with the heart chakra can also help prevent and heal other physical ailments as well.  The heart chakra is associated not only with the heart and circulatory system, but also the lungs, breasts, upper back and shoulders.  If you are experiencing health problems in these areas, work with heart chakra may help ease your physical symptoms as well.

We recommend a heart chakra singing bowl to get you started.