Wiccan Tools and Their Uses

Wicca is a neo-pagan religion that was started in the 1950’s. Although much of it is based on old pagan beliefs and traditions, it is a new, but officially recognized religion that is growing in popularity.  Wicca has no official doctrine and is a sort of loosely woven series of common beliefs.  At its core, it is a peaceful faith centered on spiritual growth and transformation of the individual.  Most adherents are polytheistic, embracing the concept of both masculine and feminine dieties.

The Wiccan faith uses a variety of interesting ritual tools and symbolism in their practice. Some are widely recognized, but often misunderstood like the pentagram.  In many Hollywood movies and other forms of media, this is associated with devil worship, dark arts, and black magic.  The truth is however, Wiccans do not believe in Satan.  They do however, practice the law of three – meaning whatever you put forth energetically is returned to you threefold, therefore, doing black magic or casting evil spells would definitely not be in their best interests and is not a part of their practice.

So, lets look at some of the most common Wiccan ritual tools and how and why they are actually used and their true meanings.

The Pentagram: This symbol has a complex and rich history, spread throughout many traditions, including Christianity. In neo-pagan belief systems like Wicca, the circle represents inclusion – the whole of creation. The points represent the spirit and each of the different elements that work together in unity. This symbol is often worn on jewelry and other items as a symbol of faith.

Book of Shadows: Unlike most organized religions, Wicca does not have a holy book or specific set of rules for its adherents.  Each coven is a bit different and most adherents develop their own holy book, called a book of shadows.  These books are highly individualized and may contain everything from rituals and spells, to personal spiritual insights and inspirations.  Many even have sections devoted to more practical knowledge, like the uses of various herbs and oils.

A book of shadows is usually a beautiful, heavy book with pages that can be moved. This allows new information to be added and reordered as necessary.

Athames: Athames are ritual knives used in Wicca.  They are often double edged blades with black handles.  Others are elaborately carved from selenite stone.  These ritual daggers are used to direct and control energies during rituals, and not usually used for actual cutting.

Cauldrons: This well-recognized item is often depicted as the tool of wicked witches.  It however is not a pot used to brew potions and poisons, but a symbol of the womb of the Goddess.  In Wicca, it is used for many purposes. It may be used to mix together herbs or potions, or to hold incense or as a fire proof container to burn spells written on paper.

Incense: This is a ritual item common to many faiths and practices, and interestingly it holds similar purpose throughout.  Incense is a purification tool, the smoke used to cleanse a sacred space or ritual tools after use.

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