Want to make life last longer?

Want to make life last longer? I’ve discovered that as we age the years seem to flying by faster and faster. As a child, we live for the day, fully in the moment. We only concerned ourselves with gathering enough people for the game, and we never looked much further into the future than our next meal. This day-to-day existence gave us 365 days a year. As an adult, we are thinking about next months mortgage, Christmas (even though it’s 6 months away), saving for retirement, we are living our lives for tomorrow, next week, next year and so on. I would bet that a full 1/3 of our lives as adults is simply waiting for the next day to happen or waiting to get to the weekend. Now I’m not suggesting that you drop your responsibilities and forget about retirement or your bills, these are things we must do. But, to live longer, dust off the skill lost in childhood, living in the moment. Be spontaneous, take your significant other for an unplanned drive tonight or go by yourself, find somewhere along the way to eat. Stop worrying about the destination, how long you will be out or where you are going to eat, just be in the moment and soak in the time. Get in the habit of enjoying THIS DAY. Good luck and enjoy.