April’s Gemstones

April's Gemstone

Do you know what April’s gemstones are? Gemstones have been considered as a source of power and healing since ancient times. Each stone is thought to possess its own unique power and vibration. Throughout the ages numerous customs and traditions have been established linking particular stones to the month of birth. These gemstones are called birthstones or natal stones. Diamonds and clear quartz belong to the month of April.

aprils-gemstonesApril’s Gemstones

Clear quartz is a power stone. It helps concentration, increases inspiration and creativity. Clear quartz purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical plans, bringing an aura of protection. Use the power of your gemstone to help you focus your thoughts and energy to achieve your goals and aspiration. We sell a variety of clear quartz pendants right here on our site.

Pendant Wire Wrapped Point Clear Quartz

The pendant above features double terminated crystal point, wrapped in silver wire and attached to a bail that will fit most cords and chains.

The cut of this crystal makes it ideal for both receiving and transmitting energy from each end. It strengthens energy flow and the crystal itself works as a bridge between points. Clear Quartz is a purification stone that balances mental, spiritual and emotional energies.