Healing Pendulums

Healing Pendulums are beautiful, come in a variety of shapes and are made from many different materials. Although most recognize them as tools of divination, they serve a variety of purposes.   They are used to amplify energy, communicate with the collective consciousness and higher self, and can also assist in energy healing work.

Learning to work with a pendulum is not difficult, all it requires is a bit of practice once you connect with, and properly calibrate it.   To effectively use a pendulum, you need to be grounded and focused on full and present awareness.  It is an almost meditative, trance-like state that helps yield the best, most accurate results.  The first several sessions with your pendulum will be spent programming it to work with you and understanding the different answers it gives – yes, no, can’t answer etc.

When selecting a pendulum, consider what you want to use it for.  Is it mostly for doing healing work with the Chakras, or for seeking answers and guidance? As you look over the various shapes and materials, knowing what your purposes are for the pendulum can help you make the best choice.

Healing Pendulums

For example, stone pendulums have different properties.  Some, like amethyst are excellent for healing work and for promoting relaxation.  Others, like Citrine are highly energizing and great for inspiring enhanced thinking and creativity.  Quartz is a very multipurpose stone that both cleanses and amplifies energies. You may even want to choose more than one, dedicating one to healing work and the other to divination or other purposes.

Cleansing Chakras with a Pendulum

Cleanse and balance the Chakras by holding your pendulum several inches above the target point.  Connect with your higher self and allow the pendulum to show you if there are blockages or how your energy is flowing.  This works best for those who already practice energy healing techniques like Reiki.  The pendulum should sway in a natural rotation. If you feel friction or resistance, this indicates an area that needs work.

If you are new to working with the energy centers, there is another technique that may work better for you.

Place a piece of paper with the Chakra images on your desk or table.  Move the pendulum over each area while focusing on it.  As you move down the chart, pay attention to how the pendulum sways and reacts over each point.  Repeat this several times until you have a good feel for how your energy centers flow.

You can also use this time to ask appropriate questions to help determine the cause of any blockages or under/overactive chakras.  It is a largely intuitive process, but the pendulum can help you get a better feel for your own energy centers, and a better understanding of yourself and what you may need to do to heal on the energetic level, so that you can also begin healing physically, mentally or emotionally.

Pendulums are affordable, easy to learn and make a great multipurpose spiritual tool to add to your collection.