Experience the Serenity within Yourself

Experience the Serenity within Yourself: Calmness and meditation has a great significance in the spirituality. In the ancient times, people understood the importance of meditation and calmness in the life. Hence, they had made many products that can help people to smoothen their mood and calm themselves. One such product is the singing bell. The origin of the singing bells goes way back about 3000 years ago or possibly more than 3000 years. Singing bells are also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rin Gongs, Himalayan bowls or Suzu gongs. Singing bowls are typically standing bells, as instead of hanging they are placed on the ground with a bottom surface resting. There is a handle, through which when bowl is hit on its rim it produces a harmonic sound. They were originally originated in Tibet.

Singing bowls are used worldwide for the music, relaxation, personal well being, and for many therapies. May professionals; including health care professionals, school teachers, musicians and spiritual teachers, therapists use singing bowls. It is also believed that it can help to treat a cancer patient and post traumatic stress disorder. Singing bowls were historically made in India, China, Nepal and Japan. The best known singing bowls were offered from Tibet.

Tibetan singing bowls have strong religious significance in Asia, along with the Buddhist culture. These bowls have acquired an international reputation for their healing power, as these are related to yoga, natural healing therapy and personal serenity. These bowls are said to have therapeutic and spiritual qualities, and it is also a reserved object of Buddhist faith. Many people in the western countries have collected these bowls to captivate its mysterious powers.

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