Feng Shui in the Office

Many people are aware of the benefits of Feng Shui in the home. Feng Shui principles can help facilitate peaceful, harmonious energies, making the home more inviting and energizing. There are techniques for increasing prosperity, clearing negativity, and even improving relationships among family members.

Fortunately, Feng Shui can also provide many of the same benefits to the office environment, creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for work that facilitates productivity and attracts more prosperity and abundance.  We spend a great deal of time working; so it’s important to focus on making the workspace as functional and peaceful as possible.

Simple Tips to Feng Shui Your Office

The most important elements of Feng Shui in the office are proper lighting and air circulation. If natural light is unavailable, invest in full spectrum lighting which most closely emulates natural sunlight.   Air filters and the use of plants can help promote clean, healthy air and prevent the stagnation of energy.  Some good plants to use for the office are ficus, ferns, English ivy, bamboo, and palm plants.  All of them add beauty and remove various toxins from the air.

 Salt lamps are another great addition to the office.  They not only help remove pollutants from the air; they also neutralize excessive ions given off by computers and other office equipment.  Salt lamps look beautiful and create a soothing, serene glow when lit.  They are inexpensive and multipurpose.

Place your desk in a commanding position with good backing.  In most instances, this is the farthest corner from the door, facing it, but not directly across from it.  You should have a solid wall at your back and face the door for the best power positioning.

Clutter should be eliminated to facilitate the flow of chi.  This includes hiding things like computer and equipment cords.  File all paperwork away neatly and don’t allow things to pile up on the desk.

Make your workspace more vibrant with a strong punch of color to increase your productivity and personal energy.  This is particularly important in offices with little to no color or natural light.  You can paint one wall of your office a deep, vibrant color, or add a couple of pieces of wall art that will liven up the space.  Tapestries, posters, or even photographs that are enlarged and framed are all great ideas.

Your office décor should have a good balance of yin and yang (masculine and feminine) elements.  Include a good blend of soft and hard surfaces and light and dark colors.

If possible, place your computer in the North or West part of your office.  This is said to elevate creativity. Place it in the Southwest to generate more income if you have a home office.

A water feature like a table top fountain or small aquarium in the North area of your office is said to enhance career success and draw more business. A safe constructed of metal in the West promotes prosperity and financial security of the business.

There are stones and crystals that can be used to help attract wealth and prosperity.  Citrine, jade, pyrite, tiger’s eye and quartz are all great choices.  Use these stones in your décor to help energize your office space.

Any steps you take to improve the energy of your office space will be beneficial.  Improving the flow and feel of your workspace can help ease stress and improve your overall outlook.