Full moon in Libra tonight

By the light of the silvery moon we may be learning some uncomfortable truths but within them is a positive message for us.

It reminds us to feel grateful and blessed for what we already have instead of chasing our desires. Not that pursuing your desires is bad, but there comes a time when the pursuit of our wants creates obstacles to our present moment.

This moon invites you to question your wants and desires more deeply to recognize your part in things. It is time to expand and deepen your self-awareness through relating with others.

You may find that this brings up some buried, and perhaps stagnant, emotions. Pay attention to these emotions for they will show you your triggers and also where you need more healing and understanding. Sometimes we find ourselves overlooking ourselves in our pursuit for peace … a tradeoff in self-respect. And sometimes we find ourselves living in denial of our role in things.

Beware of the desire to project these things onto others and power plays. Let this be a time for healing and transformation as you take responsibility and shift your perspective. View the situations through the window of your soul and find the deeper meaning in it.

Ride this wave of energy to a greater understanding of your life lessons which can lead to a deeply healing transformation. This is where your empowerment lies, not outside of you. Practice self-love and find empowerment within.