Search Within

You can foretell your future simply by examining your thoughts. Where have your mind, emotions, and imagination been taking you? Each person is practicing for the future like an actor rehearsing for a play.

How about searching within yourself as to what is most dear and develop those qualities? When we believe that happiness comes from others, expect conditions to be ideal, or lament losses and unfulfilled hopes, the heart’s desires are always just out of reach. There is no need to postpone loving, defer bliss, or lament, for we *are* all that we have been seeking.

Who we are is brighter than ten thousand suns, eternal, and creative beyond measure. We can take a stand where we are and enjoy the adventure. Life is like a piano; it’s all in how we play it. If you don’t like the music, change it, but remember *you* have chosen the music and are playing the tune.

From Rev. Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker’s Success and Spirit column, SOM April 2013.