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How to Spread More Love into the Modern World

How to Spread Love in the Modern World

In this article, you’ll learn how to spread more love into the modern world. Modern technology and its advances have brought immense growth to mankind. Unfortunately in a world where human interaction has become increasingly more digital and isolated;  it can be easy to believe that the world is a bad place.  The media has a vested interest in highlighting stories with shock value to improve ratings and readership.  The result tends to be a lot of negativity repeated again and again.  Over time, this alters our perception of reality and damages our capacity to see the positive, casting a dark shadow over humanity in general.

The best way to counteract negativity, whether it’s fear, anxiety or anger is by counteracting it through genuine acts of love for others.  This can be done very easily as a daily conscious activity.  Make it a part of your spiritual practices to give love daily, not only to those you know and cherish, but to anyone who may need it.

How To Spread More Love Into The Modern World

When you are in public, treat others with kindness and courtesy.  Hold doors, say excuse me, please and thank you.  These simple courteous acts demonstrate respect – the most important element of love. Be sure to smile.  A smile is your own personal love signature.  It shows kindness and appreciation and others will respond to that.  Even if they don’t happen to smile back, inwardly, that connection is a positive energy that does have an impact.

Show love to humanity by leaving your comfort zones.  It can be easy to judge others who are facing misfortune.  Society loves to label the homeless as “lazy” or those who make “poor choices”, for example, but most of the time this is not true.  Many people who have lost everything didn’t get where they are due to personal character flaws, but through genuine misfortune and suffering.

Compassion is love.  Go to where the destitute are and be helpful.  Listen, give of your time, serve your fellow humans. Allow your eyes to see and your soul to be moved.  Don’t distance yourself from the hardships of others so much that you lose your empathy. In this world, we all suffer at some point and it is the love of others that can help us overcome the greatest hurdles.

Take time daily to disconnect from devices and truly connect with your loved ones.  No texting at the dinner table and no eating in front of the TV.  Use meal times to bond.  This act of love not only provides fond memories, it establishes a strong foundation during times of struggle.  Families who bond and work together when times are good, will be better prepared during times of struggle.

Love is a concept that involves many things: consideration, respect, honor, affection, attention.  Give all of these to others as often as you can.  Do what you can each day to be a better human being.  Everyone has the ability to improve themselves and when you do it with intent, it infuses the world around you with love energy, which nothing can destroy.

No matter how dark the world looks at times, there is still joy, love and kindness to be found. It exists all around us and within us.  Go out into the world and seek it out.  What we focus on is what manifests.  Sing, dance, give love freely and allow yourself to live a free and joyful life.