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How to Use Stones for Healing

How to Use Stone for Healing

Stones can be used as an aid for all types of healing – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. All aspects of our being are intimately connected, whether we perceive it or not. When we focus on healing one area, the other corresponding aspects respond in kind.

Have you ever felt sadness after going through something traumatic and noticed that you physically felt heavier, particularly in the chest area? Perhaps it felt hard to take a breath, or like a weight was sitting on your chest. The feeling of a “broken heart” is actually your heart center or heart chakra. The pain of a trauma is so intense you can feel it not only emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but physically as well. This is an example of interconnectedness we have all likely experienced at some point. Fortunately, what we do to heal one aspect of our being will also positively impact our health in other areas.

Stones can be used to help facilitate the flow of energy through our ethereal body and through the chakras, realigning and healing our spiritual body. Through this healing process, we can also release pain or illness in the physical body as well as any negative thoughts or feelings that may be feeding those physical ailments.  It’s a holistic form of healing that embraces the whole being.

There are a variety of stones with many different healing properties. You can work with one at a time, or several depending on your personal needs. There are many different techniques for using stones for healing purposes.

How To Use Stones For Healing

Wearing stone jewelry is a simple way to carry a stone’s healing energies with you throughout the day. Stone jewelry should be cleansed often to purify its energy. Carrying loose stones in your pocket or placing them under your pillow can also expose you to a stone’s energy for an extended time.  Many believe that sleeping with a stone helps facilitate the physical healing properties, since the body works to restore itself at night.

Lay stones on your body during meditation to target healing to specific areas.  As you lay flat, place a stone or stones on your body to correspond with your chakras to cleanse and balance your auric field. You can also lay stones on specific parts of the body that are displaying symptoms.

Stones and Their Healing Properties

Here are a few examples of some stones and the healing properties they are said to contain. There are many stones that can be used and this is just a small sample.

Amethyst: Amethyst is used for purification, cleansing and transformation

Aquamarine: A purifying stone good for the entire body. It is often used to increase courage and treat fluid retention.

Flourite: Normalizing and balancing. Used for the kidneys and to fight inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Lapis Lazuli: Promotes clearer understanding, heightens intuition, balances the thyroid and helps purify the blood.

Jasper: Boosts courage and confidence. Used to enhance mood and promote feelings of overall good health.

Quartz: Clear quartz serves as a protective stone, it removes negative energy, cleanses the entire aura and promotes general healing on all levels.

Sodalite: Stabilizing and calming. This stone is great for helping any disorder triggered by nervousness or anxiety. Clears the mind and relieves tension and stress.

Find stones that you are drawn to. The right stones often “speak” to us, we become drawn energetically to them.