What is Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing practice used to improve health, relieve stress and pain, and bring body, mind and spirit into proper balance.  The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words Rei, which represents the Divine, higher universal energy, and Ki, the energy that animates all living beings.

Ki flows through every living thing, from plants to animals.  When levels are high; you will feel strong, healthy and confident in the face of daily life and any challenges. When low, you can experience feelings of anxiety, weakness and even illness.  The flow of Ki can be improved with a healthy diet, meditation, and healing practices like Reiki that help facilitate the proper flow of energy throughout the energy body.

Reiki is a practice that can be learned and used by anyone to perform healings on  self and others.  Regular practice gives the abillity to intuitively listen to the body and understand its unique energy patterns.  With time and practice, it’s easy to discern problem areas and correct the flow of ki, leading to increased overall health and improved state of mind.

During Reiki sessions, the hands are placed in various positions to channel healing energy to the recipient.  Reiki practitioners put the hands slightly above the body, no massage or physical manipulation occurs. The hands simply direct and guide the flow.  The practitioner is taught to pick up on energy patterns and sense where there may be blockages or problem areas, and adjust them accordingly.

You can learn Reiki on your own, or through a teacher who has mastered the practice.  When seeking a teacher, be wary of places that charge hundreds of dollars for attunements and mastery.  This is completely unnecessary and a sign that the instructor or place of business may be in it solely for profit and not in the intended spirit of the practice.  Most practitioners who are truly interested in helping others will charge reasonable fees and be very open and honest about Reiki and what to expect.

Traditional Reiki training has 3 phases of initiation.  In the first phase, the student is taught the history of the practice, is attuned to Reiki and then taught to perform it on self and others.  In the second phase, Reiki symbols and distance healing techniques are introduced, and in the final phase the master attunement is received and the student is able to teach and give attunements to others.

There are many resources to learn about Reiki, including newer, more simplified techniques.  It can’t harm you and is compatible with any system of faith.  People all around the world use it regularly to promote whole being wellness and relaxation.