With specimens that have dated back almost 2 billion years, Shungite is indeed a very ancient, and powerful, stone.  It is also quite rare, found only in the Karelia region in Russia.

It’s origins are very mysterious and no consensus has been reached by scientists as to how it came to exist on Earth.  Theories abound, from it being the remains of ancient sea life that no longer exist today, to the possibility that it came here via meteorites.  It’s history, mystery and age alone make it a truly special stone to add to your collection, but it is also said to have powerful metaphysical properties.

Shungite is said to have healing properties due in part to antioxidant components called fullereness, a type of natural carbon molecule recently discovered in the 1980’s.  It is believed that these natural healing substances within the stones help them cleanse water and infuse it with healing properties. Since ancient times, locals in its area of origin have known of it’s abilities and used it for water purification.

Today, this stone is being used in an array of products and is also being researched for possible future industrial use as a natural replacement for silicone.  Shungite is even found in some balms and lotions due to its anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties.

This stone’s energy is similar to other black stones like Onyx that absorb and transform negative energies.  Shungite interacts with electromagnetic fields and neutralizes negative impacts from electronic devices.  Keep a piece in your office to help neutralize electromagnetic stress that can lead to chronic feelings of anxiety and even physical illness.

Shungite is an excellent stone to introduce to your spiritual practices as well.  It is grounding, but also amplifies higher vibrational energies, making it ideal to enhance meditation and promote altered states of consciousness.  Use it to improve your intuition for better decision making and well rounded thought processes.

Wearing Shungite promotes feelings of calm and stability throughout the day and can offer protection against negativity from others and within the environment.  Its durability makes it a great stone for jewelry. The jet black color is neutral so that it can be worn with nearly any outfit.

Whether you choose to wear it in jewelry, decorate with it or place a shungite pyramid about to heal your workspace, you’ll love the look and energy of this interesting and versatile stone.