The Healing Power of Crystals

Since ancient times, many cultures have used crystals, stones and minerals for healing rituals.  Many people are instinctively drawn to stones from a young age, often not understanding the deeper reason why.

I remember as a child visiting some local caves with my family.  I was absolutely mesmerized by the rocks and formations, so much so that the adults were chuckling about no longer needing to buy toys – they could simply bring me shiny rocks.  Years later, I am still drawn to many stones and crystals, and today I understand the reasons why.

Crystals in particular are able to absorb and direct energy.  Clear Quartz are what most people are referring to when they use the generic term “crystal”.  Quartz is extremely versatile and has many functions.  It can be used to cleanse the chakras, re-energize the auric field, deflect negativity and  increase energy.  This is a great first choice for those who are new to working with crystals.

There are many, many types of crystals and each one has it’s own unique energy signature and uses.

Here are a few examples of some healing crystals and how they work.

When it comes to emotional health and healing, Amethysts are one of the most useful crystals available.  Use amethyst to ease depression and anxiety, or to assist with overcoming addictions.  If you suffer with migraines caused by stress; this is a really great stone to keep in your bedroom. It is easily recognized by it’s soft purple hues.  Place a piece under your pillow, or keep a natural formation on your nightstand to help ease tension as you sleep.

If you suffer with ADD or stress that leads to chaotic thinking or difficulty focusing, lepidolite is an amazing crystal for balancing brain activity and calming the mind.  It enhances meditation in the same way, by reducing mental chatter and bringing clarity of focus.  Fluorite is also a great choice for mental health.  It is said to enhance higher thought processes, promote objectivity and relieve stress in the mind and body.  These stones are great to wear in jewelry or to carry loose.  Rub them between the fingers when needed to bring your awareness back to front and center.

Physically, different crystals are used for specific ailments and disorders.  They are often used to accompany energy healing sessions like Reiki and are chosen for their specific attributes.  Some good crystals for promoting overall health and well-being are quartz crystals, especially citrine.

Citrine is easily recognized by its yellowish orange color.  It is a highly energizing stone that boosts overall vitality.  It is also said to enhance the function of the thyroid, immune system, heart, kidneys, circulatory system and liver.

If you are working to heal a specific issue, whether it’s mental, emotional or physical; there is likely a crystal that will carry the right vibration to assist with your healing.