Spring Equinox and Renewed Energies

March 20 marks the 2014 Vernal (Spring) equinox.  During the equinox, day and night are both equal once again as the days begin to get longer.  At this time, the Earth begins to change in preparation for the coming growing season.

The ground warms and new signs of life begin to emerge from the once frozen landscape.  Buds start to form on the trees, Robins and other birds of Spring begin to appear. As soon as the ground thaws, brilliant yellow daffodils and other early Spring flowers start to emerge.

This is a season of joy and excitement.  As the Earth prepares to welcome a cycle of abundance there is a sense of enthusiasm; a renewed energy that warms the spirit, gives rise to new ideas, and makes people feel more motivated.

This is the time of year for starting seeds and preparing gardens for the coming growing season.  It is also a time of cleansing. On warm days, the windows are opened to let in sunlight and allow fresh air to flow in again.  Many people engage in Spring cleaning practices to freshen the home and clear it of clutter and stagnant energies.

Spring is a great time to focus on renewal, not only by cleaning the home and planning the garden, but through self-examination as well.  Are there things in your life that have been cast aside that need to be brought forward again?  Are there things that you need to clear away so that new opportunities can make their way to you?

As we leave behind the season of “death” and slumber and work towards the season of emergence and renewal; it’s a good time to look at what needs to be cleared away and what needs to be nurtured and brought forward.  Breathe new life into an old project or two if you have unfinished business that has been put off.

Spring is also a good time to focus on creativity and new beginnings.  In many traditions, Spring involves celebrations of fertility and abundance.  Take time for creative expression, bring new ideas out into the light of day and help them blossom.  Let the spirit of renewal build your enthusiasm.

There’s no season quite like Spring.  Let the spirit of new life give you the momentum to enhance and energize your home and sacred space.  Take time to focus on new opportunities, developing new habits and welcoming fresh starts.

Throughout history, many cultures have honored the seasons and cycles of the Sun as a representation of life and spiritual growth.  As you take time to focus on your present journey; you also honor the wisdom of the past that has brought us to now.