Cleansing in Preparation for Spring

Spring cleaning is a household ritual passed down through the generations. Long winters mean a lot of time stuck indoors with sealed doors and windows. As the first warm days of spring arrive, it is invigorating and refreshing to open the doors and windows and breathe in the fresh, Spring air. Cleaning and airing out the home brings a sense of freshness and renewal – like waking up after a long, deep sleep.

In much the same way we clean our homes to rid them of stagnant energy; it is important to also refuel the soul. The winter leads to the blues for many. Lack of sunlight and color can dampen one’s spirits and hinder ambition. On those first days of Spring, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself body, mind and spirit is exposure to natural sunlight. Sit in the sun and allow it to soak in.

Did you know that sunlight is the body’s only 100% natural source of Vitamin D? It’s true, while you don’t want to overdo exposure to sun rays, a bit of daily sunlight ensures your body is getting what it needs. Vitamin D deficiency has been directly linked to depression as well as many health problems. When you feel rejuvenated by the sun, it’s for good reason! Not only does it clear away mental fog and emotional uneasiness, it provides vital nutrients essential for good physical health as well.

Once you’ve soaked up some much needed sunshine; take a few moments to contemplate the Spring and what it symbolizes. Spring is the season of renewal, where what was “dead” comes back to life. What areas of your life are in need of renewal? Is there something you have always wanted to accomplish that you have been putting off? Do you long for a fresh start? Take time to breathe new life into something that sparks your passion.

Spring cleaning provides a great opportunity to purge. Remove all that is unneeded in your life and simplify. Eliminating clutter in your home and workspace clears the mind and elevates your mood.

After cleaning your home; consider doing a spiritual cleansing as well. Spring is a great time to use a smudging ritual to remove any negative energy and facilitate the flow of positive new energy. This can be done throughout the house to improve the vibration of your living space. You may also want to consider doing a personal cleansing ritual to rejuvenate your spirit.  Salt baths and healing meditations are a great way to welcome the spirit of Spring.

Once your space is cleared and cleansed, consider adding back in a few elements that help keep the energy strong and positive. Feng Shui items can help energize your space and draw abundance.

Spring is a great time to focus on new opportunities and enhancing personal growth on all levels. Seeds planted now will come to fruition later, just like the annual harvest. Consider your long range goals and do what it takes to nurture them today, so that they can come to fruition tomorrow. Let the initial enthusiasm and warmth of Spring help build your momentum and determination to succeed.