Crystals for Protection

There are a variety of stones and crystals that can be used to offer protection against negative energies.  Whether you are facing the stress of dealing with a negative person, moving through a stressful change,  or the energies in your home or workplace have simply become stagnant, there are stones that can assist.

Dealing with negative people can be exhausting mentally and emotionally and it’s important to have the home be a safe space where you can recharge and heal.  Have you ever worked with someone who was incredibly negative and found that you had trouble letting go of that negativity before heading home? Bringing stress into the home hinders the restoration process.  Over time, this tension can build, dragging down the energies of your sacred space.

To remedy this, do a cleansing ritual and then place quartz crystals in the four corners of the home to amplify positive energies and absorb negativity.  Clear quartz amplifies, absorbs and reflects.  It will help release negativity while also heightening positive intentions and vibrations.  Placing it immediately after a cleansing ritual helps maintain that harmonious energy flow.

If you need to shield yourself from dark energies, black tourmaline is an excellent choice. It’s a very powerful protective stone that has been used since ancient times to protect against demonic activity and to repel and deflect negativity of all types.  This stone can be placed in the entry way of the home, or even carried or worn for protection.  It is a grounding crystal that helps ease fear and anxiety.

Tourmaline is also excellent for protecting the body from the effects of radiation given off by electronics and cell phones.  Keep some in your office space if you spend a great deal of time at the computer. It will help you keep your energy levels up.

Selenite is an excellent choice for drawing in higher vibrational energies.  Many use it to call upon the angelic realm and to raise vibrations in general.  It is a multipurpose crystal that promotes mental, emotional and physical healing.  Selenite brings a soothing, calm energy wherever it is placed.  It can also be worn to help guard the heart and protect against emotional struggles.  If you are being bullied or emotionally challenged by someone, selenite will help deflect that energy and keep you calm.

If stress is creating a negative impact on your mental and physical well being, smoky quartz can be used to help absorb negative energies while promoting clarity of thought.  It works to calm the mind, allowing for more well-rounded thought and objective problem solving.

No matter what you are seeking protection from; there is a stone or crystal that can help.  Use them individually or together.  Many people carry a pouch around their neck and change the crystals according to their needs.